Fort Leonard Wood Market-August-Location


 Location Is Worth What?

In previous blogs I discussed the price of homes in the Fort Leonard Wood area based on number of bedrooms and baths.  In this video blog I will discuss the importance of location to your pricing strategy.  Believe it not....... The exact same home in two different towns will "not" bring the same price.  Other factors including bedrooms, baths, and location are just a few things to consider when you and your Realtor decide how to price your home.

I put this information in the below Video Blog so you wouldn't have to read it.  If you are like me I'd rather watch a movie than read the book.  Contact me if you want a market analysis on your home. I'll include alll the factors to price your home correctly in this market.  You may always call me at 573.528.7642 or email me at  You can view all the homes that compare to yours on my website at


Watch The Location Video Here