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Narrow Down Your Search

Most Buyers Search Online and "Out of Town":  Today's technology allows buyers numerous tools to narrow down their home search without leaving their home.  Most buyers begin their home search on line.  In the Fort Leonard Wood market military personnel are not only searching online they are searching online from their current duty station.

Buyers Want To View Them "All":  A buyer will normally save 15-20 favorite homes on the website they are searching and then come to town ready to view all 15-20.  I can cut that time in half and even more by narrowing down a buyer's search before they even arrive to see their favorite homes in person. We narrow that viewing number down to 5 homes before they even arrive by providing a video of the property that a buyer would not otherwise see without being at Fort Leonard Wood.

Narrow Down Your List (everything isn't a favorite after all):  Assume a buyer has 20 homes saved in their favorites.  Through conversations with me, loan pre-approval, the homes condition to pass a VA appraisal, and checking data sheets, we narrow that list of 20 down 10 homes pretty quickly.

Watch this short video of me driving through the Fort Leonard Wood area explaining part of the video process.  Like me on social media and follow my blogs! Call or text me anytime for more information about the Fort Leonard Wood market at 573.528.7642. Sign up to view all homes in the Fort Leonard Wood area.