Fort Leonard Wood Real Estate: Timing vs Location



Selling Your Home? What Is More Important?

Location or Timing? 

In real estate most people hear; Location, Location, Location.  But very few sellers think of Timing, Timing, Timing.  Although location is sn important factor at Fort Leonard Wood it isn't the only one to consider when selling.  

Location: In the Fort Leonard Wood market, statistically more homes sell in Waynesville and St Robert than other Pulaski County areas.  Each buyer has their own reason they prefer those two areas over others and the buyers I speak to give two reasons for their preferences;

1. Distance to Fort Leonard Wood Military Post - The place of employment for most buyers

2. The Waynesville R-VI School District - More activities for their children to participate in

Every buyer has their own preferences in location but "statistically speaking" the below chart shows where buyers purchased homes in 2016. The chart below also shows, with Laquey & Crocker as the exception, the more demand an area has, the higher price the home will sell for.  So Yes, Location does make a difference.  But please don't use the "location factor" alone when talking to your agent about a marketing plan to sell your home.  Pick an agent who understands "all" the pieces to the puzzle. 

2016 - Location

2016 Pulaski County Sells By Location 

Timing: In a Military Community most personnel arrive in the summer months, when children are out of school. This is the desire of Military Service Members, their families, and their leaders but sometimes duty calls and personnel have to move out of the normal time frame. The chart below shows what months buyers received an accepted offer or the "Pending" date from the years 2014 to 2016.  The Pending date is important because; buyers were searching for homes prior to submitting an offer on that particular home.  With the number of days it takes for loan prep, inspections, title work, etc. on a VA Loan buyers want to write the offer so they can move in the home when they arrive at Fort Leonard Wood.  As you can see from chart below there are certain times you can put your home on the market that would give it a higher percentage of selling sooner.  The more buyers looking for homes, the more chances that buyer will view your home!  

2014-2016 Pending Chart


This chart also shows that not every month year after year is the same in number of Pending sales but they consistently produce more buyers.  

Plan ahead! If you know you are planning to move, sit down contact your agent and discuss "Timing" as well as location so you can list your home at the "Right Time" to get the best price in your "Location".  Please reach out to me by phone, text, or email if you have any questions or want a Free Market Analysis Of Your Home.  Please sign up for these blogs to stay on top of the Fort Leonard Wood market.   We can't move your home from its current "Location" but we can "Price" it correctly for this market  at the "Right" time to produce the best results.